"I was looking for a way to work more effectively and less. I was also looking for a way to value myself more to create a life I was proud of. I did have specific financial goals but more than just finances I was looking for a way to feel good about me and my life on a day to day basis.The mindset I needed to adopt was one that would be solution oriented. Meaning, having clear set goals and a way to deal with any obstacles along the way. A mindset that looked at any situation as an opportunity."

Tom McCook

" I had been selling real estate for about seven years and doing fairly well, but seemed stuck at a certain income, and did not seem to be able to break through that. In short, I wanted to give myself a raise, but didn t know how."

Kate Engelbrecht

" My seeming lack of ability to consistently stay focused on what I wanted and allow it to show up. Being trained as a scientist, I was very firmly entrenched in the belief that there is cause and effect. I believed I needed to understand, or figure out, that connection to have the success I wanted."

George Copsey

" I simply wanted more of everything - success, balance, openness to having money and wealth and totally enjoying the life that is in front of me."

Allan Bernardi
President/CEO Re-Max Dolphin

"I'm having a lot more fun, advancing my career, and enjoying my life financially. Dennis, you've helped me where other $1000 seminars simply couldn't."

Sheldon Ramsamooj Toshiba Business Solutions, Florida

"I have to admit at the beginning of your program I was a doubting Thomas. You were a good and persistent leader. I started with no business in the beginning and now have 12 real estate listings, 7 of which are in escrow. Keep in mind this is the worst market in 15 years."

Thank you, Cathy Kline Senior Marketing Consultant Grubb & Ellis

"I have observed staff my doubling, and then doubling their incomes again. I have also observed myself and staff experience the new tools that you teach around balancing your life and truly enjoying it."

Ara Croce, President Re-Max

"I'll have to admit that when I initially signed up with your course I was skeptical. But, in six months I have definitely exceeded my goal by 150%. I have produced the results I wanted both personally and professionally."

Christine Boss CBB Manufacturing Co.

"Your practical teachings, leadership and assignments kept me grounded and on purpose throughout the six months course and I am delighted to say that I increased my income by 110% and am planning more of the same."

"It is an honor working with you" Colleen Garcelon Broker

"My company, which as you know, is less than a year old is directly on target and on schedule towards a result I declared to you back in March, which at the time seemed fantasy, of $500,000 in contracts with $250,000 in net profit. Now my company will easily attain this result largely due to the expansion I have experienced as a direct result of your consulting. Thank You."

Gary Miller President Architectural Coatings Inc.

"In the first month of your course I doubled my income from the previous month. In the second month I once again doubled my income from the first month. As of June 1, l996 I have earned more than my total income for all of l995."

"Your consulting is not only on increasing sales but on having a balanced life as well. I am really enjoying my life more"

Jackie Copple Senior Specialist Seville Investment

"I have read most every self-development book out there and found your material to be the most useful there is."

"Your teachings are so simple, not always easy, that I had to re-read and listen several times for it all to sink in. But, boy once it did sink in, there is no end to what I can do".

Yours in Success, Jim Thompson

"I'll have to admit that when I initially signed up with your course I was skeptical. But, in six months I have definitely exceeded my goal by 150%. I have produced the results I wanted both personally and professionally."

Christine Boss CBB Manufacturing Co.

"When the business I have in escrow closes, I will have tripled my income from last year and the year is only half over."

Judy Balthrop Seville Properties

"I doubled my income from last year, and equally as important I gained some balance in my life." "I would be happy to receive calls from anyone who would like a personal recommendation".

Kate Engelbrecht Broker

"During the time I have worked with your program I have clearly doubled my income, more than 100%."

"I feel that my life is more balanced and that I have the increased self-confidence to continue to produce the sales that I desire."

Kathy Bridgman Broker Alain Pinel Real Estate

"This is the greatest summation of results data I have ever experienced... I have coached with Robbins Research etc, Dennis is very gifted and really understands how we humans work..."

Sincerely Ken Boome

"My income has increased 100% and the potential for increase has now become unlimited. You definitely have shown me the tools with which I can build a more productive and happy life. Thank you."

Lynnette Guiesti Sales Coordinator Coldwell-Banker Realtor

"Our group goal was to achieve ten new accounts for the bank by the end of the seminar that Dennis lead. Two weeks before the deadline, we had already accomplished 22 new accounts.

The Treasury Management Staff Merchant's Bank

"My income increased in excess of 75% and I did more traveling than I had ever done before. I would recommend your materials to anyone trying to take control of their life."

Nita Miller

"I feel I have accomplished at least 80% of my intended financial goals and my intention is to complete the balance of my goals within six months."

Paula Pagano Broker Pacific Union Residential Brokerage Company

"During the time of our consulting together my averaged income went from $198,000 a year to $309,000 a year. Not bad for my second year in practice."

Peggy Ching M.D. San Francisco, CA

"While doing your course I did double my income by August and then went ahead and did 36% more after that by the end of the year. You were right… my thinking creates my reality."

Rosemary Vaughan Sales Representative

"My expectations and goals were met 100% during the time I worked on the Mind Over Money Course. I DOUBLED my income and a whole lot more."

K Roulhac Garn Bartko, Welsh, Tarrant & Miller Attorneys

"What a phenomenal change your material brought about in my store. I now have a team of people who enjoy solving problems. This has carried on since the completion of the consulting we did."

Sharon Menzie Owner, Sunshine Center